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Vignano is located in breathtaking Tuscan hills and the home of authentic Bio-Organic Italian wines proudly made by the Fratelli Fanucci.
Vignano is located in the breathtaking Tuscan hills to the south of Florence in the Chianti Colli Fiorentini area. The Vineyard comprises 28 hectares of land, of which 12 hectares is vine. The terrain is typically hilly ranging between 150m and 400m above sea level. These hills, which form part of the bottom of the Apennines, creates soil rich in alluvial deposits. The terrior also benefits from the Mediterranean climate and limestone-rich soils. this soil delivers the perfect canvas on which to develop our healthy and sustainable vines.

Long, warm sunny days and cooler evenings provide the budding vines with excellent condition to ripen without compromising acidity. Moderate rainfall throughout the year keeps the vines hydrated, and the stony soils ensure good drainage, thereby reducing the occurrence of disease.

Vignano is a biodynamic vineyard and winery. A DOCG certified vineyard it borders Colli Fiorentini and the Chianti Classico region. the geology of the area confirms that Vignano was once under the sea and sharp eyes will find seashells amongst our vines. The impact of a rich soil in shale is that it forces the roots of the vines 8 meters deep into the earth which then produces sweet and succulent grapes ideal for vinification. All of Vignano’s vineyard slopes are south-south west facing at an average height of 22o meters above sea level. There is a constant year round movement of air reducing the need for any pesticides.

Sangiovese, Brunello, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Manseng and Viognier vines were specifically planted in areas that best suit their environmental needs. All grapes are harvested and selected by hand. All stems and rejected grapes are spread along every second row of vines as natural compost. Vignano relies on the natural of yeast of the grape guaranteeing the ‘terrior’ taste of the wine. Vignano uses French Oak Barels, which are rotated every 5 years. Occasionally Californian Oak is used to deepen a vanilla trace.

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