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Wine Addict

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Wine Virgin

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Wine Virgin

$44.00 every 2 weeks

Wine Virgin

$44.00 every 2 weeks

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2 bottles a month. For those just looking for a casual drink every once in a while, good for those just starting on wines.


Wine Virgin

For the exploratory of wine! Our Wine Virgin subscription is perfect for the wine explorer in you. Not sure what your wine likes and dislikes are? Or what wines there are out there? We strive to curate a vast range of wines for your Wine Virgin subscription based on your taste buds.

Receive 1 bottle of wine every 2 weeks with Wine Virgin based on your preference of food and drinks! Go through our mini wine quiz and allow us to curate your wines for you! Don’t want a certain wine in your subscription? Absolutely! We’re here to encourage and boost your adventure in searching for your perfect bottle!

Psssst..Upon clicking the checkout button, you’ll be directed to our wine quiz! No payment needed up till this point. Upon completing the mini quiz, you’ll be directed to fill in your billing details.

boundbyWine was founded with the idea that appreciating wine can be simple.

Understanding how wine works doesn’t have to be a nose-in-the-air affair.Our goal is to gather a community of wine lovers by gradually drinking(duh.) & discovering new varieties of wines and grapes.

Old world, new world, crazy world – let’s explore them all.

Access to unique wines all over the world at your fingertips. German, Italian, Canadian, Syrian, Israel, you want it we have it ?
We source our  wines from over 50 regions (and growing).

Be adventurous! Don’t let fear of purchasing a bad wine get in the way of expanding your grape knowledge! There are so much more wines out there beyond Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Psst, did you know wine is good for you?!


Too little wine for you? How about a bottle every week?

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