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Old Curiosity Pink Elderflower and Jasmine Gin


Old Curiosity Pink Elderflower and Jasmine Gin


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Distilled using freshly hand-harvested herbs from their Secret Herb Garden.



Old Curiosity Pink Elderflower and Jasmine Gin

Jasmine is renowned in Eastern history thanks to its unmatchable fragrance; wearing a jasmine flower in your hair is part of every tradition and ceremony from cradle to grave but to us in the West its beguiling scent is synonymous with desire. To match these noblest of plants, they distilled them over their crisp dry base, carefully balancing the delicate aromas and flavours to create a sensual and intriguing drink that feels like the delicate kiss of a lover on the back of the neck on a summer’s day.

The Elder tree is one of the most sacred things that grow on the British Isles, steeped in mystery and folklore and worshipped by Scottish ancestors since they first arrived on these shores. And rightly so: an Elder tree outside your door was reckoned to keep evil ‘fluences away – the Elder Mother living in its trunk saw to that – and the folks at Old Curiosity have used her bark, leaves, flowers and berries to treat every human ailment you can think of (and plenty you can’t) for centuries.

Enjoy this most curious of gins with the lightest tonic you can find and, as always, enjoy it responsibly. Goes great with light tonic and ice.



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