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Lolea N°2 White Sangria

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Lolea N°1 Red Sangria


Lolea N°1 Red Sangria


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The perfect summer drink with a side of sun.

Sweet-ish Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo Steel Only Madrid Low Tannin Lemon/ lime Citrus Licorice, Sweet spices Medium Acidity Medium- Body Red


Lolea N°1 Red Sangria

Lolea N°1 is a delicious frizzante sangria crafted with Tempranillo and Canernet Sauvignon red wine, Mediterranean citrus and a touch of cinnamon. It has a neat, bright and attractive slurp with fine constant bubble. The intense aromas of cherry, orange rind, lemon sweet, cinnamon and sour strawberry keeps the essence of the wine.

Lolea is best served very cold, with lots of ice in a balloon glass, with a slice of orange and a slice of lemon. Make it more surprising by adding lime and basil for a truly refreshing taste. Let your imagination fly and surprise your friends with original servings of your choice.

Sangria is a traditional and popular drink in many Spanish towns, it is an integral part of the country’s history and tourism. The go-to especially during summer because it is a refreshing drink, that can be enjoyed anywhere under the sun, from the beach bar to a garden picnic. Each household in Spain has its own sangria recipe and in Casa Lolea they have our own secret blend, fully artisan, a perfect combination of wine and fruit with a frizzante touch. Sangria can be prepared with red or white wine, the latter being known as Clarea. Their handcrafted sangria is all natural. It is synonymous with social gatherings, celebration and joy. The perfect refreshing drink for parties and gatherings, with friends and family gathered around a large glass of chilled Sangria, Lolea brings a sophisticated touch with style and taste.

Have fun mixing Lolea and discovering new flavours with these recipes!

Our favourite combination of bitter taste with sweet notes of cinnamon and citrus. Try the Lolea Joulep! Mix Lolea N°1, grapefruit, sugar, Angostura, mint, gin and tonic indie.

You can also lie to yourself and tell yourself that you’re just enjoying a glass of Lolea “Ice Tea”. This is a fruity, citrusy flavoured cocktail with spicy notes of tea chai and ginger. Mix Lolea N°1, chai tea syrup, lemon juice, rum and ginger beer.





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Additional information



Grape Type

Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo


Steel Only




Low Tannin

Taste Note

Licorice, Sweet spices, Lemon/ lime Citrus

Wine Acidity

Medium Acidity

Wine Body

Medium- Body

Wine Type



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