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Fat Finch Cocktail



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Celebrate locally curated cocktails by LimBae


Fat Finch Cocktail

Fat Finch is a brand of artisanal cocktails to be enjoyed at home or at a party! We use premium craft spirits and quality ingredients to create the perfect talking and tasting cocktails.

Crafted by an expert mixologist ‘Lim Bae’ with years of experience in concocting and creating unique experience for his guests.

Let this colorful finch entertain you and quench your cocktail curiosity.


Over the last century, five generations of bold and passionate entrepreneurs have crafted spirits in the ancient family distillery, founded by Emile Perrier the famous fruit- liquor maker. The last ones in line are even somewhat rebellious. In the nineteen eighties Jean-Michel Naud, a trained oenologist and passionate explorer of wines and spirits, the son-in-law of Robert Perrier, rediscovered the distillery.
Today, with his son, Pierre, they have decided to reignite the flames under the copper pot stills to create distinguished Cognacs, which can be proud of their origins. They are also offering a range of unconventional spirits for the region, aimed at connoisseurs.

All bottles are 100-120ml per serving. Sold in set of 2

*The Executive Gift Box Box comes with Garnish for all 5 bottles!

  • The Duchess (gin-based)| 18.7% ABV

    The herbal and floral notes of each component of this cocktail go perfectly hand-in-hand and are accentuated by the acidity from the citrus that makes this cocktail enjoyable at any time of the day.

    Enjoy The Duchess on the rocks with a slice of lemon. Can be served with Egg White in martini glass.

    Earl Grey infused in NAUD Gin, Lavender infused syrup, Citrus, Vanilla

  • Standing Ovation (rum-based) | 16.8% ABV

“Putting the ‘cock’ in ‘cocktail”

This spirit-forward rendition of a rum old fashioned combines an infusion of Aphrodisiacs. These include chocolate, raisins and the south-east Asian favourite, Tongkat Ali. With notes of regional spices, chocolate, honey, earthy cardamom and nuts, we trust this tipple will rise to whatever occasion you are drinking to.

Chilled and served neat, or on the rocks and garnished with a hard stick of cinnamon. Can be served with Egg White in rock glass.

NAUD Hidden Loot Rum, Tongkat Ali, Chocolate bitters, Simple syrup

  • Rabs Rhubarbs (vodka-based) | 21.6%

Refreshing, Rejuvenating, and a little Rabak. This fizzy cocktail boasts fruity and floral tasting notes of red fruit and white flowers of Cognac, with an extra kick of French Vodka.

Serving suggestion: 60ml cocktail mix, 120ml Rhubarb or Regular Soda (1:2), over ice. OR For the extra kick, do a 1:1, over ice. Chill in the fridge, enjoy as shots.

**poured over ice and topped with soda with a 1:2 ratio. Garnished with a lime wedge.

Naud Vodka, Rhubarb infused syrup, June Esprit Liqueur, Plum wine, Citrus


  • Gila Sangria (redwine & spicedrum-based) | 15.7%

The party-starter, this version of the Sangria will have your guests warmed up in no time. This versatile cocktail can be enjoyed with your partner or scaled up for your next party. With big notes of sweet fruit, citrus, and spices, you will hardly remember the booze in this refreshing beverage.

Enjoy Gila Sangria with lots of ice and fruit, served in a wine glass or highball glass.

Red wine, NAUD Hidden Loot Spiced Rum, Citrus, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Star anise

  • Autumn Glory (cognac-based) | 27%

Made with crisp apple and smooth cognac, this drink reminisces the change of a season as days get cooler. Autumn Glory is smooth and floral, with hints of autumn spices.

Enjoy Autumn Glory chilled and served neat, or on the rocks (rock glass) and garnished with an orange peel. Can be served with Egg White.

Naud VSOP Cognac, June Esprit Liqueur, Angostura bitters, Muscovado syrup.


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