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Subscription Plans

Well, it depends how much of a drinker you are.

WINE VIRGIN gets you 1 bottle every 2 weeks (enough meh)

WINE NUT gets you a 1 bottle a week (once a week keeps the doctors away)

WINE ADDICT gets you 2 bottles a week (LET’S BE FRIENDS)

We know commitment is hard – here at Boundbywine, we want to help you achieve a comfortable commitment of your choice.  You are able to update your subscription package through your account page.

When the wine is so darn good that you have got to have it again. That’s our proudest moment right there. 

We allow for repurchases on wines you have tried before, feel free to repurchase them  on your personal marketplace (look up “My Wines” under your account page) anytime and we’ll have it delivered to you along with your next bottle of subscription. Should you wish for the repurchased bottle to be delivered separately, give us a holla at [email protected] and we’ll see how we can help!

AND that would be our saddest moment right there. (We are literally bawling in tears)

We’ll be sad to see you go, but we understand. Not to worry, you’ll be able to cancel your plan anytime. Do give us a week’s heads up and we’ll be outta your hair.

Wine Stories & Preferences

Glad you noticed! They give you access to your account, and let you review each bottle that you receive, so that we continually deliver you good wines. Additionally, it gives you in-depth information about each bottle, the story behind it, some suggestions on local and Western pairings, and more!

We can go on about analytics, pie charts and graphs, but nobody actually wants to know that

Our bound team carefully curates your profile based on your reviews and feedback on each wine you’ve tried. You will be able to track the growth of your true profile and you may be surprised by what you find! We help you discover the exact wine profile that makes you shine with glee, no matter what occasion. 

Pop over to your account and change the preferences there!

We always encourage Our Coterie to step out of their comfort zone and explore something different. But we understand some taste buds that are just picky. No worries, just fill up “Heck no, I have boundaries” and we’ll take note not to send wines of that description to you

Feel free to Drop us a call, text or email. We’re happy to help in your selection.

Orders and Delivery

You’ll automatically receive an email receipt to confirm your order. If you did not receive an email receipt within 48 hours, do contact us, and we will sort it out for you!

For ‘out of stock’ wines, give us a holler if you’re interested in any. We’ll make it happen if  we can 😉

Just spend $80 and delivery is FREE! Else a $12 delivery fee will be charged upon checkout.

We strive to deliver to every nook and cranny in Singapore. However there are certain crannies that are just ‘ban-ies’.

• Airline Road
• Airport Cargo Road
• Alps Avenue
• Brani Terminal Avenue
• Jurong Island
• Khusu Island
• Pulau Damar Laut
• Pulau Busing
• Pulau Tekong
• Pulau Sakeng
• Pulau Sebarok
• Pulau Ubin
• Rifle Range
• St John Island

A failed delivery will incur an additional $10 delivery charge. 

No problem! Just email [email protected] or call 8133 7797 and we’ll update your order in no time.

Subscription orders are delivered weekly.. If you are an existing subscriber with us, additional orders would be delivered with your next delivery.

Typically, marketplace orders before 12pm would be scheduled for next day delivery. Unfortunately, due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, we may take up to 3 business days to deliver your order.

If it’s for a gift or any urgent request, just drop us a note at [email protected]

When our truckers are not busy squishing grapes with their feet, they will deliver your order based on your preferred day of delivery. They will provide SMS notification and ETA* from the point of leaving our cellar. They will send another notification when they are almost at your door so you can get ready to receive your alcohol grape juice gloriously.

*depends on traffic conditions/google maps, they’re not LTA

We are all busy people and here at Bound we get that life doesn’t always give you lemons. No fret! If you are not home, do let our truckers know once they send you the delivery SMS and they’ll gladly hand it off to someone who can collect on your behalf


Membership Program

Every $1 spent = 1 Cork

100 Corks = $1 OFF

  • Sign up for an account | 20 Corks
  • Refer a friend, upon their purchase  | 250 Corks each (for Referrer and Referee)
  • For every WINE REVIEW | 10 (flippin’)corks!

*Up to 500 corks redemption per order | Membership program applies only to purchase on our site

Payments & Discounts

Thank god no, we don’t want to bombard you with a huge bill at the get go. The subscriptions packages are based on renewals every 2 weeks, so calm your tits…you’re fine.

For Marketplace wines, we do need you to pay for the order at one go.  If you are facing payment issues let us know! Money shouldn’t deny you a wine. 

We accept multiple modes of payment, including Paynow, Direct bank transfer. However, credit card payment is needed for the subscription packages. 

Easy! The discounts would automatically be applied to your cart based on the number of items you intend to purchase.

The discounts are as such:

  • 6-10 items: 4% off
  • >11 items: 6% off
This would only apply to alcoholic beverages, and would not apply to any pairings or non-alcoholic beverages

Wine Goodness Guaranteed!

We hate the disappointment of opening an off-drinking bottle of wine – as much as a kid seeing their scoop of ice cream fall to the ground (Yes, it hurts).

We pride ourselves on delivering the perfect condition of wine to you, our Coterie. Rest assured, our professional tongue testers put themselves out there to ensure we only select the highest quality of wines to stock. In the rare instance you receive a bottle that doesn’t seem quite up to par, we are more than happy to replace the bottle or refund your money, whatever you choose!

Simply contact us at [email protected]/IG DM within 14 days of receiving your wines to let us know why you’re not satisfied and we’ll organize to get the remaining unused wines back to us and refund you in full. The bottle will have to be at least 3/4 full and the same wine the bottle is in (duh).

If boundbywine reasonably believes a customer is abusing our Wine Goodness Gurantee, we reserve the right to refuse that request for refund or return. 

Once the wine has been collected back to our warehouse, we issue a replacement bottle or refund right away. 

Do give us up to 72 hours for the money to be credited back to your credit card or account. 

For any further queries, feel free to chat us up below or via our socials. We’ll be here sippin’ on bubbles in the meantime.  

Still Having Doubts?

Let us know, and we will try our best to clarify them

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