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Domaines Dominique Piron

The simply philosophy of wines for friendship, wines that are pure pleasure is what the Dominique Piron stands for. The estate engage in sustainable winegrowing and deliver wines with great structure with fruity notes.

40 years of knowhow, roots in Morgan, Beaujolais for over four centuries.

Beaujolais is an historic place with an ancient heritage. Dominique Piron’s oldest known ancestor was born in Morgon in 1590. Since then, there have been 14 generations of vine growers in the family. Morgon and Moulin à Vent wines have been renowned among France’s finest wines.

The Beaujolais nouveau experience is represented by the wonderful phrase “The same day, at the same time, all around the world”. This phrase is so famous that for 50 years, it has tended to overshadow great crus and terroris even making us virtually forget some truly outstanding crus.

Today, new pages of history are being written. As fine crus and terroirs once again come to the forefront of Beaujolais Nouveau, wine tasting will remain a joyous and festive occasion on the third Thirsday in November every year. Traditional crus set off once again to wine over the world best wines. These crus are more modern and easier to understand, they go well with most of the world’s cuisines.

The simple philosophy of – wines for friendship, wines that are pure pleasure is what Dominique Piron stands for.

In a vineyard with difficult terrain of 30% steep slopes and a virtual patchwork of parcels, Dominique Piron is engaged in sustainable winegrowing. On winegrowing land filled with old broken-down granite and schist, the watchwords are natural balance and biodiversity. For vinification, their goal is to create terroir wines with character with subtle and elegant fruity flavours.

Morgon wines are solid, racy and elegant. They always have a slight hint of black cherry and bright spicy notes with great structure.

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