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Domaine Michel Bouzereau et Fils

Domaine Michel Bouzereau et Fils is one of Meursault's most distinguished growers, creating rich and voluptuous wines.


The Bouzereau family settled down in Meursault and has been cultivating vine for seven generations.
As time went by and thanks to his profound involvement, Michel managed to expand the family vineyards inherited from his father.

His son Jean-Baptiste joined him 20 years later. He learnt the craft with his father for about 10 years before they purchased some new prestigious vineyards together.

In 1999, Michel entrusted the whole management of the family vineyard to Jean-Baptiste, who has been running the 10.5 hectares domaine since then. In 2008, still anxious to improve the quality of his wines, he decided to build a new structure. Since harvest 2009, the whole estate is located in: 5 rue Robert Thénard, in central Meursault.


They are deeply convinced that good wine can only be made with high quality grapes. Everything is done to obtain a healthy and tasty fruit: good soil maintenance, short pruning, severe disbudment and the use of natural products are fundamental assets. Vineyards in Burgundy are parceled in a particular way; therefore it is very important to carefully monitor each activity and regularly examine the various soils in order to harvest perfectly ripe grapes. Under these conditions, the domaine obtains mellow, precise and perfectly balanced wines.


Harvesting is done completely by hand to respect the grapes as much as possible. White grapes are slowly pressed. On the following day, after a delicate settling, the juice is transferred to barrels. Primary fermentation starts then in the cellar. Once the malolactic conversion is completed, the wines keep on maturing with their own sediments until the next harvest, at that point they will complete their ageing in barrels or tanks, according to their appellation. The last step is the bottling, which takes place between November and March, according to lunar cycles.

On the other hand, red wines are stalked and go through a maceration in the cold state. Fermentation is done without yeast addition. Wines will then slowly mellow in oak barrels for about twelve to sixteen months.


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