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Bellavista Italian Winery

Bellavista is a landmark winery for Franciacorta sparkling wines in Italy and around the world, a harmonious blend of elegance, balance, fashion and style.

Bellavista, which means “beautiful view” in Italian, was founded in Franciacorta, Lombardy, in 1977 by businessman Vittorio Moretti. Vittorio decided to transform a small family-run winemaking activity based on a few hectares of vineyards into a full-fledged winery.

The estate makes some of Italy’s finest sparkling wines from its 200 hectares of vineyard situated in the western part of the Franciacorta zone in a natural amphitheatre. The glacial soil is full of stones, providing the ideal environment for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes used in the production of their Franciacorta.


Those original vineyards, of extraordinary quality, are located on the Bellavista Hill. Bellavista Hill is named for its splendid position, which overlooks Lake Iseo and the entire Po Valley, all the way to the foothills of the Alps. With a future-forward vision, Vittorio Moretti devoted special attention to the acquisition of new vineyards, which now comprise a total of 203 hectares in the Franciacorta wine production area.

In 1981, Vittorio Moretti met oenologist Mattia Vezzola, who joined the company in that same year. His role proved pivotal to the definition of Bellavista’s style and their partnership transformed Bellavista into Italy’s leading producer of quality sparkling wine. In 2007, Mattia Vezzola’s key contribution was recognised by The Guide to Italian Wines, which honoured him as “oenologist of the year”.

Respect for tradition

Respect for tradition is recognised the world over as a rare expression of refinement, balance and elegance. At Bellavista, they use traditional presses to ensure softer pressing of the grapes and a unique separation of the must.

In the Springtime, when the cuvées are created, Bellavista has a selection of roughly 90 base wines at its disposal, part of which have been fermented in small oak casks.

Excellence is a daily goal, which Bellavista pursues through its vineyards, thought and class. From the vineyards to the wine, every process is performed naturally. Every decision is made in consideration of the rhythms dictated by nature and by the history of the Franciacorta area. For consistent quality, every action and every thought is aimed at maintaining each wine’s quality, recognisable in every harvest and in every glass. To remain recognisably unique, Bellavista proposes a timeless stye and class, the fruit of a simple approach and artisanal attention to even the smallest detail.


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