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About BoundbyWine

Everything is better
with wine

Wine appreciation isn't Nose-in-the-air.

boundbyWine was founded with the idea that appreciating wine can be simple.

Understanding how wine works doesn't have to be a nose-in-the-air affair.Our goal is to gather a community of wine lovers by gradually drinking(duh.) & discovering new varieties of wines and grapes.

Be adventurous! Don’t let fear of purchasing a bad wine get in the way of expanding your grape knowledge! There are so much more wines out there beyond Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


Old world, new world, crazy world - let's explore them all.

Access to unique wines all over the world at your fingertips. German, Italian, Canadian, Syrian, Israel, you want it we have it 😉
We source our  wines from over 50 regions (and growing).


Who says you gotta be ballin’ to enjoy a Michelin restaurant bottle of wine.

Curated for any occasion - your everyday tipple to celebratory bottles. Only wines we’ll drink for a good experience.


What better way to learn more about wines than taste! With our monthly hosted wine tasting sessions, join us in appreciating wines you’ve never heard of. Learn all things wine through our tasting events, Wine Rants (for a good read), Food pairings and our Telegram channel-where we exchange wine facts, questions wine updates and wine deals!


Each wine you order is delivered with a QR code. A quick scan will divulge a description of your wine, vineyard & food pairing recommendations.

Don’t be shy to rate your wine and experience. This will grow your wine profile and be a step closer to discover your perfect wine profile.

Our Sustainability Promise

We learnt about the amount of carbon footprint we left behind just to give us a glass of wine. If you're wondering why our wines are not delivered in our brand-ed box, it is because we want to do our part to reduce as much wastage as we can.
By reusing wine boxes the wines are shipped in, We are saving at least 500 printed corrugated box per month! Imagine how much water, paper and carbon emissions goes into a manufacturing box that is used for ONE-time delivery; only to be discarded.

We seek your understanding, if your wine does not come in a pretty package, you're doing your part to reduce waste and you should be proud of yourself & enjoy your bottle of wine in hand!

*Of course we have exceptions for gift giving. So do ping us if you need a wrapped bottle 😉

Psst, If you don't need too many of our reusable tote (given with every order), feel free to contact us on how to return them. Our logistics partners are down for it and we encourage you guys to return the totes to us! (Bags will go through a mini-cleansing, with anti-microbial and bacterial spray)

Start Exploring Your Wine Palate

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