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We know you love wine, so do we! We realize a life of wine always has extra room to embrace a whimsical touch & include needs more than just wine.
We want to help you build a subscription box centered around the love of your life – Wine. Anything from your morning cuppa, to a full meal. 
A life of continuous exploration, setting trends all without having to tear your brain.
Don’t fret the small stuff. Enjoy life.

Gryphon Tea Company

If you ain’t about the bean, you must be about the leaves.
We’ve paired up with Gryphon to bring you your teas as well! Psst, there’s a twist in this!


When you need something to munch with your wine, it’s either crackers or cheese. And that’s where onefiftypeel comes in!


Passionate about fresh, wholesome and tasty produce, while being environmentally conscious, Onefiftypeel make tasty bits and pieces for all to enjoy in packaging that is as sustainable as possible.

Their luxurious grazing boxes contain carefully curated cheeses, cold cuts, crackers, nuts and fresh fruits, as well as a selection of fresh, preservative-free dips, salted caramel fudge and a jam/chutney. Boxes are generous and full of variety, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


We recommend picking out a mystery wine to go with your purchase.Taste is all about smell too, so why not a good one! Treat yourself & your skin well, you may find your perfect bath wine!

SUPPORT LOCAL! A homegrown brand offering artisan soaps, skincare products, and essential oils, they believe in embracing the beauty of all things natural & handcrafted.

Give them a try, and let us know if you need help with pairing scents to wines!

Love couldn’t be more in the air when there is chocolate & wine. And when it comes to love, quality ingredients is a must. And that’s what Fossa Chocolate represents in chocolates

Fossa Chocolate makes chocolates and confections that are truly handcrafted from scratch in their workshop in Singapore. Not only do they showcase the essence of the cacao bean, but they also do introduce unique flavours you could never have imagined.

We recommend picking out a mystery wine to go with your purchase. 

Hook Coffee

The only 2 ways we tell time here at boundbywine – Coffee or Wine.

A home grown brand founded by two Singaporeans, Ernest and Faye. Ever since their launch in 2016, they’ve been on a mission to make great and responsible coffee accessible to everyone. With our morning cuppa and night cap, check out how coffee and wine pairing works!


Slim Cuisine

For all you vegan, keto, vegetarian, health conscious & dieting friends, we got the best thing for you. Tell your family it’s pasta, and slowly convert them to the light side (literally) with Slim Cuisine. 

How else would you like to pair your wines with?

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